#Trashtag: the eco-conscious social media challenge that's gone viral

#Trashtag: the eco-conscious social media challenge that's gone viral

Following the #TenYearChallenge where people shared "before" and "after" photos of themselves to compare how they have changed over the years, the new #TrashTag challenge is where people are sharing photos "before" and "after" they clean a public place of plastic trash.

In the past few years, there have been a lot of odd social media challenges.

Many people started taking this challenge and started posted pictures to r/pics and similar sub-reddits.

One hundred soon became 1,000, which inspired him to encourage the world to participate in the #Trashtag Challenge on social media. It got nearly a new life as many youngsters joined along with more than 25,000 posts already on Instagram alone.

Shortly after, the challenge was trending worldwide. Have you taken part in the #TrashtagChallenge yet?

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It was not only the usual plastic and clothing items that were collected, but one user also cleaned up discarded make-up items.

His post has since been shared over 325,000 times on Facebook and thousands of others have been joining in.

The movement is also called #TrashChallenge by some users, and judging by the way this online challenge is picking up, it looks like cleaning up our local communities might just be the next trendy pastime! Instead, the Trashtag Challenge is encouraging users to head to nearby locations that are covered in garbage, and clean up, then post before and after pictures on social media.

One wrote that:'Whoever came up with the #trashtag challenge is an absolute genius. None of these dumb internet trends, let's clean the planet!'

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