Facebook takes down then reinstates Elizabeth Warren campaign ads

Facebook takes down then reinstates Elizabeth Warren campaign ads

Yesterday, Warren made headlines when she vowed to dismantle big tech companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook, for their monopoly on consumer information and also unwind previous acquisitions by these industry giants.

In turn, Facebook took down four of Warren's ads that directly challenged its powerful position. While Facebook has now reversed their decision, this incident serves as a chilling reminder of the amount of control they wield over what information the public sees, in particular criticism of their business.

On the development, a Facebook spokesperson said that the ads had to be taken down since it's a violation of Facebook's policy, but it took the u-turn as the company wants to allow "robust debate".

Though her ads have reappeared, Warren has used this incident to push her message, saying she doesn't want a social media marketplace "dominated by a single censor". A spokesperson told the outlet the only reason the ads were removed is because they violated the platform's policies by using their corporate logo. In an interview with The Verge over the weekend, Warren outlined her anti-monopolist stance and how she'd like slim down the main tech giants.

The ads, which were placed for less than $100 each, direct would-be supporters to Warren's campaign website, where they are urged to donate "to support our plan to break up these big tech companies". All the ads reportedly had the same text and images, and provided messaging about her new tech-focused platform.

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The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate accepted at least $90,000 from employees of the three top-tier tech companies between 2011 and 2018, including a $2,700 contribution from Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, Politico reported. These were brought in to stop advertisers using them to make marketing material look like official communications from the social media platform. Facebook declined to comment on how the ad with the logo was removed.

Facebook now requires political advertisers to prove they are in the USA by providing the company with information like government-issued identification.

"Thanks for restoring my posts", Warren added.

Sanjana Karanth/HuffPostScreenshot of the ad that Facebook temporarily took down.

There are strict rules governing who can use Facebook's corporate logo. He also said that another collection of Warren ads that were critical of Facebook was not removed. If you like, that's trying to integrate Apple, Amazon Web Services, Nokia Siemens/Ericsson, Intel/Qualcomm and Google within one massive company.

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