I purposely called Apple CEO Tim Cook 'Tim Apple'

I purposely called Apple CEO Tim Cook 'Tim Apple'

"But all you heard from the 'fake news, ' he said, was 'Tim Apple'". Trump praised the CEO for his "big investment" in the USA, but when it came time to thank Cook by name, not even a conspicuously placed name tag could help.

There's really no use denying something that has been captured on video.

In the broader scheme of claims made against the President of the United States down the years, it's a fairly benign one really.

A video of the incident, which took place at a meeting with members of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, went viral last week, and gained widespread media attention.

Axios spoke to attendees of the fundraiser who said they were perplexed why Trump would make a big deal out of it because nobody cared.

Trump then blamed the "fake news" for reporting the story.

Tom Brenner  Getty Images
Tom Brenner Getty Images

"I used to say, 'Tim, you got to start doing it over here.' And you really have".

He came up with a different explanation at a private meeting of Republican donors in Florida on Friday, Axios news site reported.

TONIGHT: Remember Trump's "Tim Apple" snafu? "It doesn't even matter!" one person in the audience said.

Later, Trump tweeted a second version of events, saying he'd actually said "Tim/Apple" as "an easy way to save words".

In the official transcript of the meeting, the words "Tim" and "Apple" are separated by a dash as if Trump had paused, possibly to thank both the executive and the company. You've really put a big investment in our country.

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