Qualcomm seeks $31 mn in damages from Apple

Qualcomm seeks $31 mn in damages from Apple

San Francisco: Chip-maker Qualcomm is seeking almost $31 million in damages from Apple for violating its intellectual property rights.

Qualcomm and Apple are in trial over patents in San Diego, California.

Entangled in legal battles for years, the two companies are now fighting over three patents that Qualcomm says Apple infringed in developing some of its iPhones. According to Patrick Kennedy, an economist and expert witness called on by Qualcomm in this latest trial, that $1.40 figure equates to $31 million in damages given how many allegedly infringing iPhones have been sold. The infringement accusations pertain to three patents: one allows rapid network connection when turning a phone on, another aids in graphics processing and battery conservation, and a final one improves data downloads by efficiently redirecting traffic between the modem and an app's processor.

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The amount is not much for Apple but "a victory for Qualcomm would help to brandish its reputation as a mobile components innovator and lend credibility to the idea that much of those innovations went into iPhones", said the report. In 2016, the company started using Intel modems in some models of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Apple has accused Qualcomm of witness tampering, which the chip-maker has denied.

The news come from Cowen Research, who say that Apple is "in a hard position" given its reliance on Intel's modem products, and it has four options to deal with the situation, "none of which is ideal".

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