Misery grows for Venezuelans hit by power cuts

Misery grows for Venezuelans hit by power cuts

"We must attend to this catastrophe immediately". In 2013, Caracas and 17 of the country's 23 states were hit by a six-hour blackout, while in 2018 eight states suffered a 10-hour power outage, government officials said at the time.

The US is "urging" and "cajoling" countries around the globe -especially India- to stop buying Venezuelan oil, as Washington continues choking the country financially, hoping this will "motivate" people to topple President Maduro.

At the opposition rally, Guaido said he would not invoke an article of the Venezuelan constitution allowing the congress to authorise foreign military operations within Venezuela "until we have to".

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said schools and public offices and industries would be closed Monday as the government works to revive the grid, but did not provide an update on progress.

In spite of United States pressure, India has refused to stop dealing with Maduro's government, noting that a sovereign country can not be ordered to recognize Guaido as legitimate leader.

U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton this week put foreign banks "on notice" that they risked U.S. sanctions for hiding Venezuelan assets.

"There are countless conversations going on between members of the National Assembly and members of the military in Venezuela, talking about what might come, how they might move to support the opposition", Bolton said in an interview on ABC's "This Week".

And I think one reason for that is that [Dictator in Chief Nicolas] Maduro fears if he gave that order, it would not be obeyed.

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An electricity blackout has affected most of Venezuela for several days after an alleged cyber attack crashed the country's main electricity generator, the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant in Bolivar State, commonly known as the Guri Dam.

Guaido dismissed that explanation as "Hollywoodesque".

The massive outages have compounded the economic and political crisis in Venezuela, where the government and opposition accuse each other of being responsible for the infrastructure breakdown. "We have the worst services in the world: no light, no water, sometimes no gas". However, he said more than 90 percent of generators that were part of a government contingency plan successfully provided power to Venezuelan hospitals, ensuring there were no major problems for seriously ill patients.

"This has been terrible".

Fifteen Venezuelans with advanced kidney disease have died after being unable to get dialysis during the country's extended power outage, an NGO reported Saturday.

"Between yesterday and today, there were 15 deaths for lack of dialysis", said Francisco Valencia, director of the Codevida health rights group.

"The situation of people with kidney failure is very hard, critical, we are talking about 95 percent of dialysis units, which today likely hit 100 percent, are paralyzed, due to the power outage", Mr Valencia added.

It's interesting Bolton chose to publicly say the National Assembly and military are talking because it strikes me as the kind of thing which should remain secret.

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