Airline sues passenger who skipped final part of his flight

Airline sues passenger who skipped final part of his flight

If you've ever thought about pulling a fast one on an airline by attempting to book a ticket using "hidden city ticketing" you may want to think again.

German airline Lufthansa is trying to sue a passenger it says wilfully booked a cheaper ticket with no intention of making the final leg of their journey, it is claimed. Why is that possibly a big deal?

Skiplagged's website even boasts: 'Our flights are so cheap, United (Airlines) sued us. but we won'.

The precedent-setting case exposes the travel industry's disdain for the so-called "hidden city" hack- in which passengers book flights with their final destination as a layover point to avoid the higher cost of non-stop flights, CNN reported. This way, the person is likely able to save money because they are booking a layover ticket instead of a direct flight. The passenger used all legs of the outbound flight, but did not catch the Frankfurt to Oslo return flight.

Lufthansa are believed to be hit harder by the practice than other airlines because numerous company's flights are routed through the hubs of Frankfurt and Munich.

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Lufthansa, The Independent reported, is now pursuing payment from the passenger who it believes deliberately missed the last leg of the purchasing journey.

According to a court document, an unnamed male passenger booked a return flight from Oslo to Seattle, which had a layover in Frankfurt. He instead flew on a separate Lufthansa reservation from Frankfurt to Berlin.

Lufthansa has been granted permission to appeal after an initial ruling found in the passenger's favour, The Independent reports.

Airlines are unhappy with this as it can make it challenging to track passengers, it can cause delays as planes wait for flyers who never show, and that it unfairly takes advantage of the hub-and-spoke nature of airfares, which Lufthansa is particularly vulnerable to with Frankfurt and Munich airports.

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