Brexit Trifecta: May Rejects Corbyn's Customs Union Offer, What's Next?

Brexit Trifecta: May Rejects Corbyn's Customs Union Offer, What's Next?

But Mr Johnson insisted that a separate codicil setting out amendments to the backstop plan would not be "good enough", indicating that he is holding out for changes to the text of the agreement itself.

"It's clear that Jeremy Corbyn... he's done a complete U-turn", Mr Johnson told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

"I think that you would need to have a time limit". Although lawmakers asked for the backstop to be removed, May has said since that the backstop will remain, and that Parliament merely asked for it to be altered.

Labour will seek to force Mrs May into a decisive second Commons showdown on her Brexit deal by February 26.

She insisted her deal already met numerous conditions he had set.

Presently, the legal advice of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox is that the United Kingdom has no unilateral right to withdraw from the Brexit deal without permission of the European Union - potentially locking the United Kingdom in whole or part in the Customs Union and other EU devices indefinitely.

But she said it also recognises the development of the UK's independent trade policy.

Last week Mr Corbyn wrote to Mrs May setting out five demands - including a permanent customs union and close alignment with the single market - that would have to be met for his MPs to support a deal.

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Theresa May has rejected Jeremy Corbyn's demand that the rights of British workers will automatically keep pace with those in the European Union after Brexit.

She also questioned whether the call for "frictionless" trade would mean reneging on Labour's commitment to end free movement.

Liz Truss, the chief secretary to the Treasury, refused on Sunday to rule out resigning from the Cabinet if May switches position and backs a customs union. Instead, Parliament would be asked if it wanted to follow suit each time.

The letter concludes with Mrs May saying she looked forward to the two parties meeting "as soon as possible".

Mr Corbyn has repeatedly said there should be an election if Mrs May can not get a deal through Parliament and he has faced concerted pressure from some in his party to push for a second public vote.

The comments reflect concern among Brexiteers that Mrs May is preparing to concede too much ground to Labour in an attempt to win cross-party backing for her deal with Brussels.

The prime minister said in her letter: "I have always been clear that Brexit should not be at the expense of workers' rights or environmental protections".

She'll say that if she hasn't brought them new deal by February 27, there will then be another opportunity to vote, Communities Secretary James Brokenshire confirmed in an interview.

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