Huawei is Open to EU Supervision - says Executive in Speech

Huawei is Open to EU Supervision - says Executive in Speech

Any Western country allowing equipment from Huawei Technologies or other Chinese makers to be used in critical infrastructure projects will face the risk of United States countermeasures, the U.S. envoy to the European Union said.

In the letter, Ryan Ding, president of Huawei's carrier business group, stated that the company "has never and will never" use its equipment to assist espionage activities for the Chinese government.

Previous year it emerged the U.S., which has long frozen out the company from its own telecommunications infrastructure, had been encouraging other western nations to take similar action.

Huawei defended itself in a letter to United Kingdom lawmakers made public this week, saying that it would take up to five years to see "tangible results" in upgrading its systems.

Huawei has suggested that European Union supervisors oversee the company's cybersecurity practices in order to help convince the western world that it is not helping the Chinese government spy on other countries.

The U.S. government has already banned Huawei and ZTE products from federal agencies.

Poland will also nearly certainly exclude Huawei from its efforts to build 5G infrastructure, according to new reports.

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The oversight board additionally pointed out medium-term concerns for incoming technologies, including software-defined networking, network virtualisation, edge computing, and 5G.

The Italian government has refuted claims that it will ban tech giant Huawei and ZTE from having a role in its development of the 5G mobile network.

"We have no intention of adopting any such initiatives", Italy's industry ministry reportedly said. The communications equipment company is open to supervision by European governments to prove the point.

"Recently, Huawei has been under constant attack by some countries and politicians, we are shocked, or sometimes feel amused by those ungrounded and senseless allegations", said Abraham Liu, Huawei's Vice-President for the European Region and Chief Representative to the EU Institutions.

There were reports Germany would bar them from supplying equipment for its 5G network but recent reports have revealed that isn't legally viable.

While speaking to reporters earlier this week, Huawei Poland CEO Tonny Bao said the firm is prepared for such an investment so long as Warsaw accepts it as a "trusted solution" to the problem at hand.

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