Canadian PM denies report about alleged intervention in SNC-Lavalin fraud case

Canadian PM denies report about alleged intervention in SNC-Lavalin fraud case

The company, based in Canada's Quebec province, was charged with corruption and fraud in connection with payments of almost 36 million US dollars in bribes to public officials in the former Libyan government of late leader Muammar Gaddafi and defrauded Libyan organizations of an estimated 98 million dollars between 2001 and 2011.

Wilson-Raybould did not rise in the House to answer questions. CBC News has not independently verified the claims.

Trudeau has flatly denied the allegations. "At no time did I or my office direct the current or previous attorney-general to make any particular decision in this matter", Mr. Trudeau told reporters on Thursday at a transit-related appearance in Vaughan, Ont.

The former federal attorney general is refusing to either sink or protect her prime minister - but it's clear the days of hugs and mutual admiration tweets are history.

"Even more shocking, the prime minister may have fired her from her role as our country's first Indigenous justice minister and attorney general", said McLeod, the Conservative party's Indigenous Affairs critic.

"The allegations reported in the story are false".

During the heady days of Justin Trudeau's "because it's 2015" declaration, Wilson-Raybould's ascension to the role of the nation's top justice official defined the moment.

Wilson-Raybould was shuffled out of the justice portfolio last month, with Trudeau naming her veterans affairs minister.

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In Trudeau's absence from the House of Commons yesterday, Lametti faced a barrage of questions about the allegations, which he repeatedly denied. "MPs have a duty to determine what exactly happened here and Justin Trudeau and his office must be forthcoming".

"When the lobbyists meet with someone, they have to register and register what it was about", she said. Trudeau has not specifically said no pressure was applied, though other Liberals have.

Rudd also rejected characterizations that Wilson-Raybould was demoted. "We are now learning that the government threw her under the bus".

Rudd added that, based on Wilson-Raybould's activity on Twitter and Facebook, she's clearly "engaged" with her new job.

The accusation as reported by the Globe and Mail that officials attempted to influence the Justice Minister.

On Thursday, the Canadians Civil Liberties Association said it expects the allegations reported in the Globe to prompt a police investigation. "The attorney general of Canada is the chief law officer of the Crown and provides legal advice to the government with the responsibility to act in the public interest".

The relationship between federal prosecutors and the attorney general was reshaped in 2006 with the The Director of Public Prosecutions Act, contained in an accountability bill passed by the Conservative government of the day under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The idea behind it is that a corporation should be held to account for wrongdoing without facing a prosecution that could bankrupt the company and make innocent employees pay the price for the actions of some unethical executives. The report also noted a number of registered meetings in which SNC-Lavalin lobbied high-level members of Trudeau's office and parliamentarians on the topics of "justice" and "law enforcement". A spokesperson for the PMO said in a statement that Wilson-Raybould raised the SNC-Lavalin case with Butts, and he told her to speak with Michael Wernick, the clerk of the privy council.

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