Muslim Republican survives recall vote over his religion

Muslim Republican survives recall vote over his religion

"This (Shafi) story has gained national attention and has put the party in a bad light, all thanks to the actions of a few". But his commitment to core GOP values hasn't shielded him from ire within his own party.

The Tarrant County Republican Party in Texas will vote Thursday on whether to oust Vice-Chairman Shahid Shafi, who some Republicans accuse of preferring Sharia and opposing Israel.

The executive committee of the Tarrant County Republican Party voted 139-49 to reject the effort to purge Shahid Shafi, a surgeon and City Council member in suburban Fort Worth.

Easton has also criticized the faction against Shafi, saying, "Most of them already have a prejudice against Muslims, and a lot of that comes from the attack on 9/11 and the Shariah law they claim all Muslims must obey".

"I have heard that several big donors are waiting until after the vote to pledge their support", Busby said. "And unfortunately, I don't think it will be the last either".

Precinct Chair Dale Attebery, who pushed a motion to oust Shafi, threw his name badge at the lectern in frustration after the vote.

Sources within the party say the dissenter is Dorrie O'Brien, who has been outspoken on Facebook about her concerns about Shafi's religion.

He received an outpouring of support from Republicans across the state, including from Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Land Commissioner George P Bush, leading up to the vote.

"Religious litmus tests are wrong, whether they occur in my party or whether its Democratic Senators who have questioned Catholic judges" ability to be unbiased.

Tarrant County GOP Chairman Darl Easton said he appointed Shafi to the position after observing his work on an outreach committee and a campaign committee.

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"Rest assured, this grotesque battle over whether a Muslim - any Muslim, evidently - can be a good American or party functionary has done more damage to the Tarrant County GOP than any external threat ever could", said the Star-Telegram in a January 6 editorial. Easton said he accepted that as Attebery's resignation.

Easton says that while religion is a vital factor to some members of the party, it is not to him.

"We don't think he's suitable as a practicing Muslim to be vice chair because he'd be the representative for ALL Republicans in Tarrant County, and not ALL Republicans in Tarrant County think Islam is safe or acceptable in the USA, in Tarrant County, and in the TCGOP", Dorrie O'Brien, a local precinct chair, wrote on Facebook.

"Here are the facts. I have never had any association with the Muslim Brotherhood nor (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) nor any terrorist organisation", he wrote. He also asserted that he supports the USA courts and systems of law and that he has never promoted Sharia law.

Her Facebook page is full of tirades against a perceived Muslim onslaught on America and she regularly cites content from Islamophobic website, Jihad Watch, to support her arguments. "I am honoured to be an American and a Republican", he was quoted as saying by The Texas Tribune.

Shafi is one of two party vice chairmen and has worked for the party for about 10 years, including as a delegate to the state party convention. "We need to learn to trust each other so we can create a more flawless union every day", Shafi told reporters. In Tarrant County and the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth region, several Texas Senate and House seats went to Democrats, including the district previously held by conservative state Sen. Konni Burton of Colleyville.

"I disagreed with them because I believe that in this country, what matters is who you are as an individual - not where you came from".

Shafi said the vote took a stand "against bigotry of all kinds".

"As long as someone is a US citizen, has obeyed the laws of the country, paid their taxes and so forth, they have an equal right to be involved in city, county, state or national government", Easton said. Find a complete list of them here. "The accusations they've brought against [Shafi] are not sufficient".

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