Utah Driver Participating in Viral ‘Bird Box Challenge’ Crashes Vehicle While Blindfolded

Utah Driver Participating in Viral ‘Bird Box Challenge’ Crashes Vehicle While Blindfolded

Layton police officer Travis Lyman said Friday that the 17-year-old drifted into oncoming traffic and hit another auto after she pulled a hat over her eyes to emulate Bird Box, a record breaking Sandra Bullock movie where characters must be constantly blindfolded to avoid visions that urge them to die.

"Bird Box Challenge while driving.predictable result", the Layton Police Department tweeted on Friday.

Despite warnings from Netflix and just general common sense, it looks like people are still participating in that stupid Bird Box Challenge.

There were no injuries reported in connection with the crash, KTLA sister station KSTU in Salt Lake City reported.

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The streamer previously issued a warning against participating in the "Bird Box Challenge", which involves performing often risky stunts while blindfolded.

Lt. Travis Lyman, Layton Police, said the 17-year-old girl driving the pickup truck was with a 16-year-old boy when she chose to attempt the "Bird Box Challenge" and used a beanie as an impromptu blindfold.

The 17-year-old girl pulled a beanie over her eyes and kept driving, according to KATV.

The "Bird Box" Challenge involves people blindfolding themselves while doing everyday tasks. Police are recommending charges of reckless driving. "It really puts everybody at risk".

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