Why Lindsay Lohan's staff wanted to work for her

Why Lindsay Lohan's staff wanted to work for her

How exactly? Watch the hysterical video below to see it all - and do not miss the premiere of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club TONIGHT at 8/7c only on MTV!

The new reality series is set in Mykonos, Greece at Lohan's exclusive beachside club.

'No, I made sure they didn't, ' replied a smiling Lohan. She's the boss, and that needed narrative shift could win her a comeback.

In May 2018, Lohan opened the Lohan Beach House Mykonos on the Greek island of Mykonos, followed by the Lohan Beach House Rhodes on Ialisos Beach, Rhodes.

In a new interview with Variety, Lohan affirmed that she's a huge fan of the film - and plans to "harass" her agent about it.

This is a photo of me. standing in a corner. sad, lost, confused and defeated after Lindsay Lohan shaded me when I asked her to take a picture with me. It's a far cry from where she's been and how she's been perceived mere years ago.

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Lindsay Lohan has no problem being open and honest.

Being in the spotlight really knocks people down over a period of time, but Lindsay Lohan is ready to distance herself from her hard past and continue to grow her empire. (Don't forget, she hosted the MTV Movie Awards in 2004, the same year she declared war on rumors.) She seems committed to leaving the past in the past and moving forward with her own empire. "People have said so many negative things about me when I went out to clubs and dancing, having fun. The audience is going to get to see a side of Lindsay that they have not yet seen, which is her as a businesswoman doing what she does best - entertain".

Regardless, Beach Club doesn't wipe the slate clean and erase her past from public record, no matter how badly she wishes to Eternal Sunshine it from the world's memory. Lohan hinted at its significance in the intro to the show.

The source continued, "But she is not doing any drugs and is as tame as she has ever been".

"The second you become emotional, I'm going to become [Vladimir] Putin", Lohan, 32, told her business partner in the premier episode of Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, MTV's new series about her beach club on the Greek island of Mykonos.

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