The PC Version of The Division 2 Will be Bypassing Steam

The PC Version of The Division 2 Will be Bypassing Steam

The Division 2's Steam page is still active although you can not pre-order the game through it. But, Ubisoft and Epic said they will partner on additional select titles in the future.

While Ubisoft didn't go into further detail on its reasoning for eschewing Steam in this case, Epic's more generous revenue-sharing scheme likely played an outsized role. On the Epic Games Store, Ubisoft will keep 88 percent of all sales revenue compared with 70 percent on Steam (though the share on Steam would eventually rise to 80 percent after $50 million in sales).

Updated: Ubisoft's "The Division" franchise appears to be ditching Steam on PC.

The announcement comes as Epic Games has once again made a power move against Steam by securing the rights to sell the highly-anticipated Tom Clancy's The Division 2 in the Epic Games Store.

The PC version of The Division 2 has been up for preorder on Steam for some time already, but the listing for the game has already vanished from the Steam store and search. It will also be available for purchase through Ubisoft's own storefront. "We hope this partnership helps to validate and evolve the model".

The Division 2 will utilize the popular "Support-A-Creator" feature.

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The Epic Games Store's relatively new effort to take on Valve's Steam juggernaut received a major shot in the arm today.

From a user standpoint, this isn't good news.

According to Galyonkin, all games and titles on the Epic Games store will be part of the Support-A-Creator platform.

It's pretty much symbolic of the state of PC gaming as a whole. Doing so will provide "seamless social features and interoperability". Or so the company would have us think.

We don't know whether this is timed-exclusive deal, similarly to what we've seen with other games lately, and whether The Division 2 will find its way on Steam post-launch.

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