Spider-Man on PS4 is about to score some Fantastic Four DLC

Spider-Man on PS4 is about to score some Fantastic Four DLC

After Spider-Man had his black symbiote suit removed by Reed Richards so it could be analyzed, he was given a spare Fantastic Four costume to wear on the web-swing home, but because the Fantastic Four members don't wear masks, he had to put a paper bag over his head to hide his secret identity.

Marvel has started acknowledging the Fantastic Four again and they're being inserted into a host of mobile games and Sony's PS4 smash. Sadly, neither Marvel nor Insomniac have confirmed just what is coming to Spidey, other than the fact that it is definitely Fantastic Four related.

A new Epic Quest has been added to the game, focusing on Mister Fantastic. Mister Fantastic can be upgraded to Tier-3 and will have access to Ultimate Skills.

Other new additions included in this update are a new Character Rank board, where players can see the most popular Characters listed, an improved World Boss Rank board, new Comic Cards and Card Collections, which includes the "Monsters Unleashed!" comic event, as well as new Uniform Collections and more.

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Of the two, the latter seems more likely; especially given how quiet Insomniac has been on new story DLC and also how the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man are frequent acquaintances in the comics.

The entire Marvel First Family and more find their way in Marvel Future Fight as officially playable characters starting today.

The game already features a number of Easter eggs from the rest of the Marvel universe, from the Wakanda embassy to Doctor Strange's house, but no references to the Fantastic Four. The game is now available worldwide in the App Store® and Google Play™.

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