PS4 Trailer "Shows Why PlayStation is the Best Place to Play"

PS4 Trailer

The console has sold 91.6 million units worldwide as of December 31, which includes 5.6 million units sold during the holiday season (which Sony tracks as November 19-December 31). In its press release, Sony mentions that the sales numbers refer to actual units that have been sold through to consumers.

For games, the holiday season saw the sale of over 50.7 million games on PS4, both digitally, and at retail.

With studios like Naughty Dog banging out exclusive titles like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, From Software offering Bloodborne, and more recently Santa Monica's utterly brilliant God of War pseudo-reboot, the PS4 has a stellar games line up that arguably trumps the exclusives the Xbox One can now offer.

Sales of the PlayStation 4 console are starting to bear down on the sales of the original Playstation, which sold around 102 million units over its lifetime.

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Marvel's Spider-Man, which is PlayStation's fastest-selling exclusive of all time, continued its success story through the holidays with sales reaching over 9 million units globally as of November 25, 2018.

John Kodera, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, also announced that "the montly active users of PlayStation Network continues to show strong growth, and has surpassed 90 million as of end of November 2018".

"This year, we will bring more enhanced experiences to our fans along with a highly anticipated lineup of games that are only possible on PS4". More than likely, it'll be late spring, especially with such games as Medievil, Days Gone and Dreams coming our way.

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