HTC VIVE Pro Eye, Cosmos dev kit, Infinity subscription expand VR ecosystem

HTC VIVE Pro Eye, Cosmos dev kit, Infinity subscription expand VR ecosystem

The world will flock to VR when you make the headsets easy to use, cheaper and less cumbersome, we have no doubt about that - but we need to believe that future is still on the way. The device is called the Vive Pro Eye, and it promises to bring higher-quality VR experiences, thanks to a technique called "foveated rendering". Now with Viveport Infinity, we're offering our members the best value in VR content with 100x more choice, all at one low price.

At CES 2019, HTC said it will work with AWS to leverage Sumerian to create and launch virtual reality experiences.

HTC General Manager, Americas, Dan O'Brien, positioned the Eye hardware as a great move for enterprise users. From a development standpoint though the big advantage is that you can spend more hardware resources rendering whatever the user is looking at, making that priority look as good as possible while blurring out the less necessary background. The Taiwanese company has introduced a new variant of the Vive Pro known as the Vive Pro Eye.

There is an odd catch.

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If you've ever used a virtual reality headset, you know that it tracks a lot of things including your head and hands to ensure a seamless, immersive experience. It's ambiguous, to say the least, but I'll update this article with more information once I've heard back from HTC.

With the Vive Pro, HTC made its play as the technological leader in virtual reality. The device can be set up with relative ease and has a flip-up design which allows users to lift the headset's main body in front of their eyes without having to take off the entire device. Viveport Infinity is a paid subscription service that grants members unlimited access to a catalogue of games for a monthly fee. Unlike the HTC Vive Pro, the Vive Cosmos features a simpler setup, removing the need for an external base station and including the ability to attach to a wider range of PCs. It should be available as early as April 5, 2019.

This teaser video is brief, and HTC hasn't put out that many more details, but the Vive Cosmos seems to be a much more streamlined VR headset. Why hint at something that consumers will get the most excited about and then not elaborate any further?

Why not tell us the cost?

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