French donate over $130k to support boxer who punched police

French donate over $130k to support boxer who punched police

France has accused Italy of interfering in its affairs after the populist government in Rome, which rode to power previous year on a wave of anti-establishment sentiment, offered to help the "yellow vest" movement.

"Those who question our institutions will not have the last word", Mr Philippe said, announcing plans to deploy 80,000 security force members nationwide for the next round of demonstrations.

On Friday, Griveaux said those still protesting were "agitators who want insurrection and, basically, to overthrow the government".

A former French boxing champion who was filmed landing punches on police during "yellow vest" protests in Paris, has turned himself in.

Some French social media users even claimed Dettinger should be cast in a spin-off of the Rocky franchise, a decades-old series of films about U.S. boxing champion Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone.

In response, Dettinger said he had become angry after he, his wife and a friend had been teargassed, though he said he had acted wrongly. "I have the anger of the people in me ... it's always the little people who pay". "I see all these presidents, ministers and the state stuffing themselves, being incapable of leading by example", Dettinger said. A talk shop that'll flop, or can dialogue herald a breakthrough in a France where we're now discovering that the decline of trade unions and political parties have left a vacuum between citizens and a young president who to get elected broke the old system and now finds himself alone at the top?

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The protest began as a grassroots French provincial movement with people donning high-visibility jackets, which by law must be carried by every vehicle in France.

"Faced with ultra-violence, we need to be ultra-severe".

The images of renewed violence and destruction in Paris on Saturday underscored the difficulty of containing a leaderless movement that appeared to be petering out at the end of 2018 but has since gained new momentum.

In another video Dettinger can be seen kicking a policeman on the ground.

As of Monday morning, over 7,000 people had pledged a total of 117,000 euros ($134,000) on the Leetchi website for Christophe Dettinger, known as "The Gypsy From Massy" during his days in the ring.

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