Amazon finally answers how many Alexa devices have been sold

Amazon finally answers how many Alexa devices have been sold

However, you need to purchase or provide the voice assistant devices yourself, be it an Echo, Google Home, or other smart speakers. And it has worked pretty well for Google.

There are large, large numbers of feature phones in the market today - hundreds of millions.

More than 100 million devices with Amazon's Alexa assistant pre-installed have been sold, the company said Friday. CNET is tracking all the Google Assistant and Alexa announcements out of CES 2019.

Google says Assistant's number of active users grew 4x over the past year, which is really massive if you think about it.

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So while Google and Apple have their assistants running on possibly billions of devices, Amazon is quickly picking up the pace with different hardware products using Alexa's capabilities.

"In 2018, the Google Assistant learned to speak new languages ... expanded to new regions (Netherlands, Indonesia and Turkey), and became smarter with new features that can help you throughout your day", Huffman notes in a new blog post. It's also available on TVs, laptops, smartwatches and much more.

Additionally, support for Alexa and Google Assistant is rudimentary. Well, Google Assistant is available on smartphones, Amazon Alexa is available on some smartphones.

Samsung has announced that it is now going to bring support for its upcoming QLED 2019 TV lineup with Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant apart from Bixby. Google Assistant vice president Manuel Bronstein, though, told The Verge what's behind that massive expansion, and it's exactly what you think. One instance is text messaging. Now, Google can develop new Google Assistant voices in a shorter timeframe, and improve pitch, pace, and pauses for more human-like conversations.

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