Updating to Windows 10 1809 Deactivates Built-in Admin Account

Updating to Windows 10 1809 Deactivates Built-in Admin Account

After that, Windows 10 will be the only supported operating system Microsoft manufacturers - assuming, of course, that the company doesn't change its mind and release a Windows 11 at some point between now and then. Mac OS X 10.14 sits in third place with 4.73 percent, and Windows XP is fourth with 4.54 percent. Windows 8 is at 1.3 percent, and Windows Vista is at 0.45 percent. That's according to the December OS market share statistics from analytics firm Net Applications, which show that Windows 10 managed to grab 39.22% of the market, while Windows 7 lagged behind at 36.9%.

Figures from AdDuplex, which suggest that just 6.6 per cent of all Windows 10 machines have been updated to the 1809 version. Microsoft also announced it will be rolling out updates to Windows 10 in the future instead of launching new software iterations. That's as of December 2018.

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A small cumulative update has broken one of Windows 10 preview build 18305's biggest features. The company predicted Windows 10 will run on a billion devices by 2018.

It is being said that Microsoft has started "aggressively pushing the update", installing it on all compatible devices without users needing to click the "check for updates" button. Yet despite the free upgrade offers and Microsoft's pushy, occasionally malware-like tactics to get people to move to its newest OS, Windows 7 retained the larger market share, mostly due to its popularity among enterprise users. The software was supposed to be an incremental upgrade for users. Although the latest OS version has surpassed Windows 7 three years after its launch, indicates how popular Windows 7 has been and still continues to be among users.

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