Most US adults haven't gotten a flu shot this season

Most US adults haven't gotten a flu shot this season

"We recommend that all residents, who have not yet received a flu shot, do so now either through their physician, a local pharmacy or at a clinic".

Pregnant women are at an increased risk for severe illness and complications if infected with the influenza virus. In a survey, it was found that almost half of American adults are planning to skip the flu vaccine this season.

While a lot has changed since 1918, the flu still kills people every year. Leon was scheduled to get his flu shot soon. Explain why the flu is more serious and why vaccinations are crucial.

While just 60 percent of New Jersey seniors surveyed without an undergraduate degree have gotten a flu shot, compared with 72 percent of those who graduated from college.

Influenza vaccination coverage among health care personnel is an important measure of a hospital's health care quality, according to CDPH.

About 1.73 percent of patient visits to reporting doctor's offices, clinics, and school health services in MA as of November 30 showed influenza-like illnesses, defined by the state Department of Public Health as a fever of more than 100 degrees and a cough and/or sore throat.

Today wraps up National Influenza Vaccination Week, and health officials are encouraging Kentuckians who opt to get those vaccines to do it before the peak of flu season in February.

"Each year, the flu vaccine must be reformulated to ensure it is effective".

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Last winter's flu season was a rough one, dominated by a particularly troublesome virus strain.

During the 2017-18 flu season, the CDC estimated that the flu caused 49 million illnesses, 960,000 hospitalizations and 79,000 deaths.

Correcting misinformation about the flu vaccines is hard, and the academic literature provides mixed signals about approaches to tackling this problem.

Though the vaccine is imperfect, it lessens the severity and duration of symptoms, and those who get flu after receiving a vaccine are less likely to require hospitalization and less likely to die.

The shots at the parish health units on December 13 are no cost to everyone who participates. Protect yourself and all those around you. In some cases, people were exposed to the flu before their immune system had time to build a response to the flu vaccine.

While the vaccine is not flawless, it greatly reduces the chances of getting the flu and lessens the severity should one get ill.

The CDC is an excellent resource for information regarding the flu.

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