This is What Mars Sounds Like, Courtesy of NASA InSight

This is What Mars Sounds Like, Courtesy of NASA InSight

For now, it is recording wind data that scientists will later be able to cancel out of data from the surface, allowing them to separate "noise" from actual Marsquakes.

A second version of the audio was also released with the audio pitched slightly higher, where the sound is more perceivable to the human ear.

The recorded sounds were "consistent with the direction of dust devil streaks in the landing area, which were observed from orbit", NASA said.

This is the only time during the mission that the seismometer - called the Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure, or SEIS - is capable of detecting these sounds.

SEIS will detect these vibrations that will tell us about the Red Planet's deep interior.

The InSight team hadn't planned on capturing the wind sounds, calling it an "unplanned treat". Two sensors picked up the vibrations: an air pressure sensor inside the lander and a seismometer on the lander's deck, awaiting to be deployed to the surface by InSight's robotic arm.

These sensors can work while on the deck of the lander and are capable of detecting vibrations up to frequencies of almost 50 hertz, at the lower range of human hearing.

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We've never before been able to HEAR the sounds of the wind on Mars, though. Wow! "But one of the things [the InSight mission] is dedicated to is measuring motion on Mars, and naturally that includes motion caused by sound waves".

Because wind gusts can trick the seismometer, the lander is equipped with an air pressure sensor to isolate that background noise.

InSight sensors captured the low rumble caused by vibrations from the wind on December 1, NASA said. Shown are the lander's arm (top), its 2.2 metre wide solar panel, one of its two TWINS temperature and wind sensors (left of centre), its UHF antenna (bottom centre), its SEIS seimometer (bottom left), and the white dome (centre left) now covers its pressure sensor.

To get the first data from the seismometer instrument package has been fantastic and even with a short test run the analysis is now full swing. It still will detect the lander's movement, though channeled through the Martian surface. And NASA will be putting two microphones on the rover it's planning to send to Mars in 2020.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory released audio clips of the alien wind Friday.

The craft will also have an on board camera that will serve the extremely sci-fi goal of "detect the sound of the instrument's laser as it zaps different materials".

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