Comey Says House Committees Mostly Asked About Clinton Email Probe

Comey Says House Committees Mostly Asked About Clinton Email Probe

Comey said: "Note that I smiled".

"It is being reported that Leakin' James Comey was told by Department of Justice attorneys not to answer the most important questions".

"It's a waste of time to start with", Rep. Issa said the instructions have been followed with Comey's "gleeful acceptance".

Comey buckled over the weekend, announcing he would appear following assurances that a full transcript would get released and he could speak about what he had testified. "The details of what's going on in there will remain private until after the deposition..." ". [T] here is an unbelievable amount of things that reasonably the public will need to know that the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation attorney are guiding him not to answer".

Gowdy told Fox News Thursday that the request to interview Comey is not political, but rather a natural extension of Congress' oversight responsibility over the justice system's extraordinary powers. Trump called that "total bias and corruption at the highest levels of (the) previous Administration", adding that lawmakers should force Comey to answer questions under oath.

Some Republicans complained that Justice Department lawyers stopped Comey from responding to certain questions. Further, Republicans have been looking into the FBI's decision not to charge Clinton over the matter.

Michael Cohen former lawyer to President Donald Trump leaves his apartment building on New York’s Park Avenue Friday Dec. 7 2018. In the latest filings Friday prosecutors will weigh in on whether Cohen deserves prison time and if so how much. (A

In October, U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth said he was "shocked" and "dumbfounded" when he learned that FBI had granted immunity to former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills during its investigation into the use of Clinton's server, according to a court transcript of his remarks.

A report released this June from the Justice Department's internal watchdog said Comey was "insubordinate" in his handling of the Clinton email investigation in the final months of the 2016 campaign.

In May 2017 Trump abruptly sacked Comey, who was the senior official leading a criminal investigation into possible collusion with Moscow.

Democrats complain Republicans are simply trying to fuel a conspiracy theory to protect Trump from the ongoing Russian Federation probe led by special counsel Robert Mueller. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has yet to appear, and Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) had a few guesses as to why.

Florida Democrat Ted Deutsch said Friday the Republican majority "wishes to only ask questions still about Hillary Clinton's emails, all to distract from the big news today, which is what's happening in court" - a reference to memos that are expected to be brought down Friday as part of Mueller's investigation into allegations of co-operation between Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and foreign individuals and entities, specifically Russian Federation.

"Robert Mueller and Leakin" Lyin' James Comey are Best Friends, just one of many Mueller Conflicts of Interest.

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