Watch SpaceX launch a twice-used rocket tomorrow at 1:31PM ET

Watch SpaceX launch a twice-used rocket tomorrow at 1:31PM ET

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket has kicked off Seattle-based Spaceflight's first-ever dedicated rideshare mission, a satellite extravaganza that's created to place 64 spacecraft in low Earth orbit.

With SpaceX taking responsibility for the launch of the Falcon 9, Spaceflight Industries handled "all the mission management planning, engineering, integration, mission assurance and system engineering processes, regulatory and policy procedures, contracting, and business development for the mission", the company said in a statement.

SpaceX said the mission was "one of the most complex and intricate endeavors" for Seattle-based startup Spaceflight, the ride-share company that arranged passage for each satellite maker.

The latest SpaceX Falcon 9 launch had been scheduled for liftoff at 10:32 a.m. Sunday while carrying not one, not two, but 64 satellites on what was billed as a "ridesharing" mission.

SpaceX's first triple-launched Falcon 9 rocket booster lights up to send 64 satellites into space.

The SpaceX launch also carries experiments such as PW-Sat2, a student-built satellite from the Warsaw University of Technology in Poland that will test a four-meter deorbit sail. The company has for years worked as a liaison between small satellite companies and launch providers, looking to put small payloads onto rockets with extra room on board.

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Some of the satellites are aiming to build an internet network that could support smart devices.

One atypical payload onboard was Enoch, a cubesat from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and artist Tavares Strachan that is carrying the ashes of Robert Henry Lawrence Jr., the first African American astronaut selected for a national space program.

Deploying all 64 satellites safely is tricky business. From a reusability perspective, this Falcon 9 booster isn't ready to retire yet.

Spaceflight declined to release a full list of what satellites and payloads are launching aboard its mission. India's space agency a year ago shattered a world record by launching 104 small satellites with a single rocket.

There is a massive backlog of small satellites waiting to get to orbit. "Spaceflight's deployments are expected to occur over a period of six hours".

The issue took center stage last month for the US Federal Communications Commission, which authorizes telecom satellites for launch.

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