NASA Releases First 8K Footage From Space (And It's Really Cool)

NASA Releases First 8K Footage From Space (And It's Really Cool)

In the Chinese city of Zhuhai within aerospace exhibition Airshow China showed a full-sized model of a future space station Tiangong, which translates as "heavenly Palace".

The International Space Station - a collaboration between the United States, Russia, Canada, Europe and Japan - has been in operation since 1998 but is due to be retired in 2024.

NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold does some filming on the International Space Station Oct. 3, 2018, with a Helium 8K camera, made by the digital cinema company RED. It is expected that construction will be completed around 2022.

Roskosmos said Russian flight controllers plan to reboot the faulty computer - one of the three in the station's Russian module - on November 8.

China will then have the only space station in orbit, though it will be much smaller than the ISS which weighs 400 tons and is as large as a football pitch. First, a Long March 5B heavy-lift rocket, which is being developed by Chinese scientists, will put the station's core module into orbit that year. China announced earlier this year that they would allow other countries to conduct experiments on-board Tiangong.

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Institutes, universities, and public and private companies were invited to submit projects. Some 40 plans from 27 countries and regions have been received, according to state media.

While most of us are still trailing behind with 4k televisions or sets with a likely much lower resolution, NASA sent a Helium RED 8k ultra high definition (UHD) camera to the International Space Station to capture some fantastic videos.

ISS studies have investigated human research, space medicine, life sciences, physical sciences, astronomy and meteorology.

Should NASA invest in the creation of another space station or just rely on the future Tiangong Space Station? She also hopes to send a robot on Mars and humans on the Moon.

But China's space program has encountered some glitches.

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