Judge orders DeBary teen accused of killing mom to remain in detention

Judge orders DeBary teen accused of killing mom to remain in detention

Sheriff Mike Chitwood minced no words.

Prosecutors expressed their concern about having Porras and Ceglarek out of secure detention.

Spectrum News exclusively interviewed the grandparents of one of the 17-year-old teenagers accused of helping hide Cleavenger's body.

"He was not adequately supervised at the time that he committed the offense", Jacques said. His two friends will be confined to their homes with ankle monitors. "He is not a flight risk".

Chitwood named the defendants and showed their mugshots, but Law&Crime is not identifying them because they are minors, and it is unclear if they will be charged as adults. "He's charged with a first-degree felony, he turns 18 December 1. he is no longer going to be under the supervision of his parents and subject to the rules set by this court".

But deputies who arrived at the scene were suspicious of Ramos' demeanor and allegedly got him to confess to the crime during an interrogation.

In his police confession, Ramos told how he had argued with his mother on Thursday evening after getting a D grade at school.

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After the killing, authorities said, the boy called friends to help him make it look like someone had burglarized the home.

In between the argument the mother had called father Danny Cleavenger - who was away on a business trip in Seattle - to tell him about the grade.

Chitwood said the three teens then went to a local Circle K to have a "celebratory soda" after burying the body. After they hung up, Cleavenger went to sleep.

"Very cold, calculating, unemotional", said Volusia County Sheriff's Office Det.

Chitwood said Ramos told them what really happened after he initially tried to say his mother dropped him off to school Friday morning. Elsewhere in DeBary, deputies recovered the dumped property that was removed from the home in the staged burglary - computers and other electronics including a Playstation 4, a rifle and other items.

Upon searching the woods, police say, they discovered a shovel Ramos used to bury Cleavenger and a broom he used to clean up his tracks. Then, police said, the teen returned home from school Friday and placed a call to 911 at 3:52 p.m., reporting a break-in.

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