Controversial plans unveiled to expand second runway

Controversial plans unveiled to expand second runway

An agreement to restrict the airport to only running flights on one runway at a time, put in place when planning permission was granted in 1979, comes to an end in 2019; so if a relatively modest amount of money can be found - around £500m, which is tip jar money in airport-building circles - Gatwick could enhance its capacity quite rapidly by simply widening its spare strip.

The plan would see the existing standby runway moved 12m north to take it further away from the main runway.

The airport expects to spend up to £500million on the airfield works.

Canada's biggest pension fund is preparing to swoop for part of a stake in London's Gatwick Airport that could be worth more than £3bn - days after it unveiled a plan to use its emergency runway to boost capacity.

But already opponents have hit out at what they see as Gatwick expansion by 'stealth.' The airport's original proposals for an entirely new second runway were halted by the Government two years ago in favour of expansion at Heathrow. Gatwick said it believed it remained a credible means of providing longer-term growth for the United Kingdom, but it would not now pursue it while the government was backing Heathrow expansion, approved by parliament this summer.

The airport said that if the standby runway was brought into use, it would only be used for "smaller departing aircraft only", and could potentially be brought into routine use by the mid 2020s.

Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, said: "Now more than ever, unlocking new aviation capacity to deliver global trade links is critical for a strong United Kingdom economy".

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The draft master plan sets out growth across three future scenarios - using new technology to increase capacity of the existing main runway; bringing the standby runway into use; and safeguarding land which could be used to build a brand new runway to the south of the airport.

A detailed planning proposal and full public consultation would be required before it could go ahead.

She said there were also aircraft safety concerns with the runways being so close together, along with concerns about increased noise, pollution and a lack of infrastructure to cope with expansion.

The airport said that the noise footprint would not expand, and that it could ban certain night flights.

Sally Pavey, chair of Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions, known as CAGNE, said: "This is totally underhand, a stab in the heart for residents that thought they could get on with their lives after the runway debate was won by Heathrow Airport". There will be no respite in the day.

"The local authorities pick up the bill for the now crumbling infrastructure whilst Gatwick continues to seek to clog further with 50m passengers off a single runway".

He said the airport had experienced a lot of success in bringing in new longhaul routes and the masterplan proposals would enable more to be created. "This will drive trade and investment, create new jobs and help British businesses thrive".

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