Ebola Outbreak Is Worrying But Not A Global Emergency

Ebola Outbreak Is Worrying But Not A Global Emergency

The disease is flaring up in another province, and the response is being concentrated in this area, he said, "so we do have some optimism that this outbreak, just like the one in May, will be brought under control within reasonable time".

Uganda now has been on a high alert of Ebola following the confirmation of a case by Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the North Kivu and Ituri province on August 1st, 2018. The WHO's emergency response chief, Peter Salama, previously told HuffPost that this has been the "most hard context" for dealing with an Ebola outbreak ― ever. It says the risk of global spread is low.

Robert Steffen, chair of the WHO's emergency committee, said that since there is already high awareness of the epidemic's dangers and an extensive response in Congo, there was "no added value" to declaring a global emergency.

The WHO gave the latest update on the situation - the current case count is 216 people who have been infected with Ebola, including 139 deaths and 57 who have recovered from Ebola.

Steffen noted that worldwide partners are working on the ground with WHO and the Ministry of Health. Of those cases, 185 have been confirmed; in addition, 34 suspected cases are under investigation. Most of the newly confirmed cases have been in Beni, where there has sometimes been violent resistance to outbreak responders. In addition, three patients, all in Beni, died.

Latest Ebola Outbreak Not An International Emergency, World Health Organization Says

Salama and Steffen also said that ongoing security challenges are the biggest issue facing the response efforts.

More than 20 civilians in Beni were killed in the incident that provoked the suspension, which came on the heels of multiple attacks in previous weeks.

World Health Organization leaders said the use of Merck's experimental Ebola vaccine has been vital in outbreak response, with more than 18,000 people vaccinated so far during this outbreak. However, that outbreak was not taking place in a war zone. Klain served as the US Ebola response coordinator in late 2014 into early 2015.

"We are planning a randomized, controlled clinical trial, and we expect that to start within the time frame of this outbreak, so within the next couple of months in DRC", Salama said. She said shutting down an Ebola outbreak often requires that aid workers convince people to avoid risky behaviors like traditional burial practices and poor infection control.

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