Mom in Australia horribly bruised shielding baby from softball-sized hailstones

Mom in Australia horribly bruised shielding baby from softball-sized hailstones

A young mother in Australia was covered in cuts and bruises after she shielded her 4-month-old daughter from a unsafe supercell tornado.

The storms are expected to continue in southeast Queensland, with the Bureau of Meteorology anticipating a further 50mm of rain on Friday and further downpours and powerful southeasterly winds to persist until at least Monday. The 23-year-old had not checked the weather reports and the devastating storm began.

"We parked on the side of the road when the storm got too heavy", Simpson said.

Simpson soon heard a loud bang and turned around to see what had happened.

"It knocks you down".

Simpson told The Project that she pulled her daughter out of her auto seat and put her on the floor for protection while she tried to cover her grandmother.

The winds tore roofs off homes and businesses and hail destroyed wheat, barley, melon and stone fruit crops, downed power lines and cut roads. While she was anxious for her daughter, she was relieved to find Clara only had minor scratches.

I've learnt my lesson today, NEVER drive in a hail storm!

The mother chose to pull the vehicle over to the side of a road to wait out the storm.

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The homeowners called an ambulance, but once the paramedics arrived she said she felt "numb" and went into shock.

A woman in the Australian state of Queensland suffered severe bruises while shielding her baby daughter from a damaging hailstorm this past week. "I pulled over because it was just way too unsafe. It kept getting heavier and heavier", Fiona recalled. She thought staying inside the vehicle would be safe but the pressure of the hailstones blew the rear and passenger windows.

Fiona Simpson was inside her vehicle with daughter Clara and grandmother when the tornado hit Kingoray in Queensland's south-east around 3 pm on Friday.

"A mother's love can make you do the unimaginable", commented Candice Lamb on Simpson's Facebook post.

The tornado first struck Tansey, a small town around 250km to the north of Brisbane, at 3pm yesterday.

Supercells are considered to be the most unsafe of four categories of storms because of the extreme weather they generate.

Aside from hailstones, the powerful storm sweeping across the region saw winds reaching 60 miles per hour that brought down trees and power lines.

Tansey resident, Greg Hellmuth, told Nine News the sound of the tornado was "unbelievable".

"We've had reports of a lot of damage to property and obviously tree damage and there was a tornado reported northwest of Murgon at about 3.12pm", Mr Blazak said last night. "We went under the mattress and that's where we stayed", he told 9News.

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