Meet the Man With the Same Name as Brett Kavanaugh

Meet the Man With the Same Name as Brett Kavanaugh

It's possible that events over the next few weeks will change that arithmetic, but for now, Republican net Senate gains seem more likely than Democratic gains.

Kavanaugh was confirmed by a razor-thin 50-48 majority in the U.S. Senate following accusations of sexual misconduct, including one of sexual assault as a high-schooler, that he emphatically denied.

Positive views of Kavanaugh among Republicans have grown at the same time, increasing 18 points from 62% in August to 80% now.

One Republican observer said he thought as many as 20 or 21 of the 25 Republican districts that went for Hillary Clinton a year ago could well flip to the Democrats, producing a large Democratic House wave. Numerous nine toss-up seats were leaning Democrat.

Shifts in impressions of Kavanaugh are coming most sharply at the extremes. And the president is now using the hard feelings stemming from the Kavanaugh battle to rally Republican voters.

One note - while the House and Senate will not conduct any legislative business until after the elections, but Congress is not officially in "recess" - so, President Trump will not be able to make any recess appointments. "We will increase our majorities".

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Thursday afternoon the Senate took up all 15 nominations, consisting of 12 district judges and three circuit judges. "On Fox News, Bret Baier said Roberts referred allegations of judicial misconduct claims on Kavanaugh to outside judges for investigation". He did so while simultaneously mocking Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA and saying that should she win the Democratic nomination in 2020 and they were to debate, he would toss an ancestry test to her and dare her to take it.

And other Democrats warned the intensity of the protests will spill over into the November elections.

"When they go low, we kick them", former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. says after a clip of a pro-life protester is kicked in the face by an abortion activist.

"Maybe some of that animus remains for Republicans and that is a rallying cry for the midterm", Kondik said. "But I think this year there are a lot of things that are happening that are motivating both sides".

For the first time, white men are outnumbered by women and minorities on the Democrat ticket in House races.

With Republican challenger Kevin Cramer opening up a clear margin over incumbent Heidi Heitkamp, the North Dakota Senate race looks all but over now, according to multiple insiders. Kagan had served as Obama's top Supreme Court advocate when the law was enacted in 2010 but said she played no role in its conception. The conservative justices were all appointed by Republican presidents, the liberals by Democrats.

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