17 dead, power outages affect 1.5 mil. after Hurricane Michael

17 dead, power outages affect 1.5 mil. after Hurricane Michael

About 5,000 U.S. servicemen were deployed to help with relief and recovery efforts, the Pentagon said, using 100 helicopters and 1,800 high-water vehicles.

In Mexico Beach, the army used heavy equipment to clear a path in the debris and allow rescuers through to search for trapped residents, survivors, or casualties, as Blackhawk helicopters circled overhead. He spoke as his team was winding down its two-day search.

"Hurricane Michael is forecast to be the most destructive storm to hit the Florida Panhandle in decades". When his mobile home suddenly began floating, he swam to a fishing boat and clambered aboard.

"I don't think it will ever be the same", said husband Danny Sinclair, 64, who is semi-retired. "But I made it".

Dr Jay Radtke, the medical examiner for some of the areas of most concern, including Panama City and Mexico Beach, said he could not release any information on the number of dead in the six Panhandle counties under his jurisdiction.

According to CNN reports on Saturday, more than 1 million people have been left without electricity and emergency officials have no access to many towns.

Bodies of 11 babies found in ceiling of funeral home
Management of the funeral home failed to renew its prepaid funeral and cemetery sales registration, the Detroit News reported . Bowser said they have names of some of the deceased infants and the medical examiner will conduct an investigation.

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The pain is nearly physical. "Now I'm starting to get a better understanding of that part of my life". Countdown star Rachel Riley joined campaigners handing the petition in to Downing Street on Monday.

"I've watched on television, thinking of what others have experienced, like in the Carolinas and Texas", Mexico Beach Mayor Al Cathey told reporters. Michael Williams, 70, looked for help from passing motorists for food and water as trees prevent him from returning home.

In Lexington County, S.C., deputies went door to door to check flooded homes after water overtook large sections of a neighborhood, reported the Lexington County Sheriff's Office in a tweet. A neighbor's home across the street got shoved off its foundation.

"It's a wipeout", he said on Friday, adding that he plans to sell up. Radney, who was visiting her grandparents in Seminole County, Georgia, was killed when a portable carport broke through the house and struck her in the head. Grocery stores and gas stations in the hardest hit areas remain closed. The Federal Emergency Management Agency warned that the death toll is likely to rise, with Long writing on Twitter that "People do not live to tell the tale about storm surge".

Bob Tenbrunson, a Mexico Beach retiree, rode out the storm at his daughter's house in nearby Panama City and returned to survey the damage to his home.

"I didn't recognise nothing". "Everything's gone. I didn't even know our road was our road".

After devastating coastal communities in the Florida Panhandle, the remnants of the storm, now downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone, killed five people as it passed through the USA state of Virginia. That's why we talk about: Make sure you know how to use generator. Numerous 600 families who live there had followed orders to pack what they could in a single suitcase as they were evacuated before the storm.

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