World Mental Health Day focuses on children

World Mental Health Day focuses on children

Children are growing up with both parents working, sometimes in different cities, and the close knit joint family system is dying out.

Research by Vets4Pets has revealed that almost a third (30%) of pet owners in the United Kingdom got their pet to help improve their mental wellbeing.

Seb is the new Head Boy at Monmouth School Boys' Prep, which saw an explosion of colour in support of World Mental Health Day.

The new strategy, launched on World Mental Health Day, focuses on four key elements - education, provision, communication and assurance following the appointment of a new Head of Mental Health.

Dr Wendy Fernander, president of the Bahamas Pharmaceutical Association, stressed the importance of having good mental health. The suicide that was occurring in the country is now on the rise and most leading cause of death among young people.

She also pointed out that apart from awareness; financial independence, being a working or studying woman, or even as housewives, they can not afford to be unwell (psychologically) as it affects their work life, academics and even relationships. It will also teach those kids, as well as other kids who don't have anything, that mental illnesses are not scary and everyone can still be amongst each other without problems.

"Adolescence and the early years of adulthood are a time of change, moving schools, leaving home and starting work".

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Experts said what's even more sobering is the fact that mental illness greatly increases the risk of contracting other serious medical conditions like HIV and non-communicable diseases. What is really worrying is that, today, India's children and youth are more stressed and suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and performance issues more than ever before.

"I realise that mental health is just as important as physical health".

"Despite this, most of the people affected by mental, neurological and substance use disorders, many of them, 75 percent in low income countries, do not have access to the treatment that they need, " said Dr. Sands.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five adults - that's 43.8 million - experience mental illness in any given year. In Zimbabwe, some community members are holding counseling sessions on public benches as a neutral space to have conversations about mental health struggles, and here in Canada, Bell Let's Talk Day continues to drive the conversation forward.

Do not forget to take care of yourself.

"For a long time that wasn't a thing that [the black community] talked about", he said. This approach will help in minimizing the mental illness to a great extent. "A lot of our patients are now being found on the streets and they are increasing", she said.

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