Church Leaders Must Face Truth of Abuse, Cardinal DiNardo Says

Church Leaders Must Face Truth of Abuse, Cardinal DiNardo Says

Cardinal Ouellet, head of the Vatican's Congregation for Bishops, said in his rebuttal that Archbishop Vigano had spoken untruths and was guilty of a "scandalous rebellion", Catholic News Service reports. It was the first time a cardinal has resigned in nearly a century.

Archbishop Vigano had claimed he personally informed Pope Francis in June 2013 that in "2009 or 2010", after Cardinal McCarrick had retired, Pope Benedict imposed sanctions on him because of allegations of sexual misconduct with and sexual harassment of seminarians.

Cardinal Ouellet's letter marked the Vatican's first direct response to Archbishop Vigano's 11-page denunciation on August 26 in which he accused two dozen Vatican and United States church officials of covering up for McCarrick, and demanded Francis's resignation over his role in the scandal. I understand that bitterness and delusions have been a part of your journey in service to the Holy See, but you can not conclude your priestly life in this way, in open and scandalous rebellion, which is inflicting a very painful wound on the Bride of Christ, whom you claim to serve better, thus aggravating the division and confusion in the People of God!

According to Vatican News, Ouellet wrote to Viganò: "Dear Pontifical Representative Emeritus, I tell you frankly that I believe it is incredible and unlikely from many points of view to accuse Pope Francis of having covered up after having full knowledge of the facts of this presumed sexual predator, and therefore of being an accomplice in the corruption rampant in the Church, to the point of considering him unfit to continue his reforms as the first Shepherd of the Church".

This isn't the first time the Pope has mentioned the scandal within the Church.

The answer, he said, is that "there were failures in the selection procedures implemented in his case" and "the concerns that were raised by witnesses should have been examined more closely".

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Cardinal Marc Ouellet's letter was issued Sunday, a day after Francis authorized a "thorough study" of all Vatican archives into how McCarrick rose through church ranks despite allegations he sexually preyed on seminarians and young priests.

"The Holy See is conscious that, from the examination of the facts and of the circumstances, it may emerge that choices were taken that would not be consonant with a contemporary approach to such issues".

The former nuncio has accused church officials, including Pope Francis, of failing to act on accusations of abuse by Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick.

In a statement October 6, the Vatican said Pope Francis had ordered a thorough review of the archives of Vatican offices to study how the allegations were handled.

However, he also said the church is still learning and progress has been made, but it is not right to judge the past based on what is known and considered today the best way to proceed. "We urge all in the church, particularly the bishops, to reaffirm our communion with Pope Francis who is the visible guarantor of the communion of the Catholic Church".

Popular sensitivities and church teaching have developed over the centuries, he said, pointing to colonization and the awareness of the rights of indigenous people or attitudes toward capital punishment. "But then moral consciousness grew; the moral conscience grew".

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