Netanyahu praises Nikki Haley after she quits United Nations post

Netanyahu praises Nikki Haley after she quits United Nations post

The former governor of South Carolina, Haley took the diplomatic job with little experience in foreign policy, but quickly became the full-throated voice at the United Nations for the often unpopular Trump agenda.

For what it's worth, "Ivanka Trump laughed when she was told of the speculation", says CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta.

Her condemnation of Iran was supported by Israel.

Haley discussed her resignation with Trump last week when she visited him at the White House, these sources said.

Describing her time at the United Nations as "fantastic" and "incredible", Trump said he had accepted Haley's resignation and would name her successor within two or three weeks.

First, she told Trump she wanted to be a member of the Cabinet and the National Security Council, privileges enjoyed by her predecessors in the Obama administration.

Haley has two children to put through college and the potential to make much more money in the business world. She's repeatedly insisted that she is focused on the job at hand, not future opportunities.

Trump and Haley both exhibited warm demeanor and were mutually complimentary as they announced her departure.

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Haley said she and Trump together had "solved a lot of problems".

Like President Trump, she has an eye for a television moment, and after the Assad regime launched a chemical weapons strike in April 2017, she brandished pictures of dead children in the Security Council.

The setting for her carefully choreographed departure - the Oval Office - was an honour afforded to very few Trump administration exits.

Ivanka, now a White House special advisor, was praised by outgoing ambassador Nikki Haley during a sit-down with reporters and President Trump Tuesday morning.

Haley has emerged over the past year as one of the most popular officials in the Trump administration, particulary among supporters of Israel.

"As a strong supporter of term limits, I have long believed that rotation in office benefits the public", she said in her resignation letter to Trump, which was dated October 3.

Ms Haley indicated she did not where her next role would be, but ruled out running for the 2020 presidency. She also led SC in the aftermath of the Charleston church shooting when Dylann Roof murdered nine African Americans. "They should be heard, and they should be dealt with".

'What I'm saying is, in the long run, Nikki Haley quitting could save us 8 bucks a month'. I am proud of our record. Haley enjoys strong support among Republicans and has always been rumored to harbor future presidential ambitions.

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