'Venom' First Reviews: See What the Critics Are Saying

'Venom' First Reviews: See What the Critics Are Saying

Is the new film based on a comic book arc? Venom itself stays hidden and mostly quiet as Eddie approaches the cell, and we see a man painting the word "welcome" in blood on the walls of his cage, which happens to be a lone box in the middle of an otherwise empty room.

The numbers could actually go higher if fans don't care about the reviews, plus there hasn't been a superhero movie released since July's Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Even with low expectations, we have been watching the development of Sony's standalone Venom movie with more than a little interest, if only because it seems like such a weird outlier.

"Venom" follows investigative journalist Eddie Brock (Hardy). The movie is, by most accounts, a mess. Brock becomes a host to an evil alien symbiote which transforms him into a monstrous supervillain.

"Venom's plot is riddled with clichés, from Carlton's moustache-twirling to Eddie's every predictable move, and repeatedly abandons story elements". Marvel recently launched an exclusive Venom comic book that serves as a prequel to the film. It's reminiscent of the post-"Spider-Man", pre-MCU superhero pictures, the ones made with some degree of star power and/or production value but lacking a sense of objective beyond showing off a live-action exclamation of a famous comics character. This flick is even coming out in time for Halloween, so possibly the filmmakers are hoping that this will be 2018's hottest costume. "They see straight through your fantasies". You are Spider-Man. What else do you rubes want? The film careens back and forth between buddy comedy and proto-apocalyptic science fiction in such a ham-handed manner that it feels as though large chunks of connective tissue are missing.

That seems to be the closest thing to a consensus among the first wave of reviews for "Venom", which represents Sony's effort to build its own superhero universe.

‘Venom’ Is a “Complete Failure” According to Early Social Media Reviews

Once upon a time, a licensed game like this would probably have been a cheap knock-off, a way of quickly cashing in on the Spider-Man brand by changing the look of some boring punching game. Will there be negotiations over who gets which villain going forward? Nasim Kuenzel of the Cameo said Hardy is expected to do a question and answer session. Venom is an edgelord nineties comics character, personified by being a dark reflection of Spidey that foregoes responsibility in favor of feeding insatiable hunger and wrecking up the place to excess.

"It's hard to enjoy 'Venom" because it's such a unusual film. Others thought the whole thing was a total disaster.

The action sequences, by contrast, are over-edited poxes upon the eyeballs. It's a second-rate cash-in. So there's no like, 'If you want this, you have to do this.' It's what's good for the story.

Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man #300. Since that sounds an bad lot like a red flag, IGN took to asking Hardy about the quote at the premiere for Venom last night.

And it tees up the possible next instalment very nicely, so make sure to stay for the post-credits scenes.

While Sony's Universe is said to have over 900 Marvel characters at its disposal, Venom is one of the few who should be able to easily headline his own film.

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