UNCW acts to make up for time lost due to Florence

An outbreak of blood-sucking mosquitoes called Psorophora ciliata, or "gallinippers", which can grow three times larger than regular mosquitos, is being reported in parts of the state flooded by the storm, creating a public nuisance, health concerns as well as jokes that North Carolina has a new state bird.

Cassie Vadovsky told USA Today that when she returned home after picking her daughter up from school on Tuesday night, she was greeted by a massive swarm of the mosquitoes outside of her home. "I think my vehicle agitated them". It was more gradual.

Experts told USA Today they expect the current plague of mosquitoes to die down in the coming weeks as the weather gets colder.

"I'm not even on the side of town that had the major flooding", Vadovsky told USA Today.

These type of mosquitoes often lay their eggs in low-lying areas with damp soil and grassy overgrowth.

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Hurricane Florence, which caused billions of dollars in damage, is also responsible for nine deaths in SC, according to the state's emergency management department.

Robert Phillips of Fayetteville told the Fayetteville Observer that mosquitoes "inundated" him after he left his home one day. "It was like a small blackbird".

After Hurricane Florence made landfall North Carolina on September 14, flooding created the flawless breeding ground for this type of mosquito, as the standing waters allowed eggs to hatch, Michael Reiskind, an entomology professor at North Carolina State University, told the Fayetteville Observer.

She captioned the video: "This, this is what I'm dealing with #nc#afterflorence#helpme#mosquitoplague#prayfornc".

In an attempt to combat the pesky critters, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper dedicated US$4 million in relief funds.

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