Lindsay Lohan Recorded Herself Trying To Steal The Child Of 'Syrian Refugees'

Lindsay Lohan Recorded Herself Trying To Steal The Child Of 'Syrian Refugees'

The entire ordeal was livestreamed to her 6.8 million followers on Instagram, where thousands of comments slamming the actor's behaviour were left throughout the three minute video.

The parents refused and started to move away from the actress but Lohan suddenly snapped, telling the mother: "You should be a hard-working woman and you should be doing what you can for your children, so they have a better life".

As she walked behind the family, Lohan began shouting Arabic phrases at the mother and father and interchanging it with English.

The plan was set in motion in reaction to Lohan's weird video, which she shared on her Instagram Story, where she tailed a family in Moscow and accused them of child trafficking in several languages before getting punched in the face.

She has since deleted the videos, but that didn't stop them from going viral, as you can see in the above tweet.

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This time around, she's facing severe backlash after live streaming a video on Instagram that shows her apparently trying to take children from a homeless Syrian refugee family to a hotel.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us her buddies are making a full-court press to get her back with people who will take care of her.

"The public outbursts are what really stress everyone out and last [Friday] night's was bad, even for Lindsay", they added.

"People around her are anxious and her not living in the States makes her less accountable. Lohan's longtime publicist, Hunter Frederick, is heading to Paris to check in on her".

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