Donald Trump blasts Iran for sowing 'chaos, death, destruction'

Donald Trump blasts Iran for sowing 'chaos, death, destruction'

His national security adviser, John Bolton, said that Trump would stress defense of USA sovereignty in his latest United Nations address today. Rod Rosenstein was reported last week to have floated the idea of secretly recording the president previous year and to have raised the idea of using the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

Trump said that the United States intends to ramp up economic pressure on Iran, and he urged other countries to "isolate Iran's regime as long as its aggression continues".

"We, the people, are sovereign in America, so that infringements on our sovereignty are not infringements on abstractions or infringements on the government". He also spoke of achievements in foreign policy, immigration and reforming the US tax code.

The Iranian mission to the United Nations quickly issued a statement insisting "Iran has not requested a meeting". Additional restrictions will go into effect on November 5. Trump noted that since sanctions had been lifted, Iran had increased its military budget by almost 40 percent.

"Despite requests, I have no plans to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani", Trump tweeted.

The U.S. president also called for restoring democracy in Venezuela. "Nobody should like it", Trump said.

He announced additional sanctions that would target Venezuelan officials and close allies of Maduro.

Tomorrow, Trump will for the first time chair a Security Council meeting on non-proliferation that will focus heavily on Iran, likely triggering a clash with other big powers.

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A year ago the USA president called the North Korean leader "Little Rocket Man" in his debut speech at the UN General Assembly.

"In particular, it's hugely significant that Chairman Kim personally expressed his commitment to denuclearization in front of the world media, and that I highlighted once again the denuclearization agreement reached with Chairman Kim in front of 150,000 citizens of Pyongyang", Moon said, referring to a speech last Wednesday in the North Korean capital after he and Kim took in a mass games performance. "The missiles and rockets are no longer flying in every direction". Since taking office, Trump has removed the US from the Paris climate accord, promoted protectionist tariffs and questioned the utility of alliances like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in furtherance of what he termed on Tuesday a strategy of "principled realism". Nothing highlights the zero-sum-mentality that is the core of everything this president says or does better than Trump's declaration that in the future USA foreign aid dollars will only flow to friendly countries. These countries, the president said, have promised to work toward peace in Yemen, which is suffering a civil war. He called on Opec to stop raising oil prices and criticised China's trade practices.

"But this administration has an authoritarian understanding of global relationship". He noted that unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans had reached historic lows, while stock market values have hit record highs.

None of it was mentioned in a speech in which Trump otherwise hammered the entire global community, but also Washington's traditional trading partners and the OPEC group of countries. A startled-looking Trump appeared thrown off-balance for a moment.

Speaking before the UN General Assembly Tuesday, President Donald Trump proclaimed America's sovereignty while also acknowledging the right of other nations to pursue their own customs, beliefs and traditions. "Didn't expect that reaction, but that's OK".

Once again, he made it clear he has no regrets about withdrawing the U.S. from "the terrible 2015 nuclear deal" and urged other countries to do the same.

With cable news chyrons flashing breathless updates about both Beltway dramas, news of Trump's foreign policy moves from the United Nations, led by a new trade deal with South Korea, struggled to break through and disappointed White House aides. He also said the USA would no longer pay more than 25 percent of the United Nations peacekeeping budget. He highlighted decisions of his administration to not support the U.N. Global Compact on migration.

At the U.N., Trump seized his opportunity to assert American independence from the worldwide body.

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