Lobster pot: Restaurant gets shellfish high on marijuana prior to cooking

Lobster pot: Restaurant gets shellfish high on marijuana prior to cooking

The owner also believes that this method won't affect the edibility of the lobster meat as it will be steamed before serving, hence destroying any residual traces, the report said.

A lobster restaurant owner in ME is using marijuana smoke to make the deaths of her entrees more humane.

A happier animal makes for a better tasting dish, she believes.

"There's no absolute proof, but you keep running experiments and nearly everything I looked at came out consistent with the idea of pain in these animals", animal behaviour professor Robert Elwood told The New York Times earlier this year.

After observing the test lobster's behavior for three weeks, Gill and her staff noticed it was less frantic, less aggressive and rarely snapped its claws when picked up out of the water.

She says the stoned lobsters will not amount to an edible marijuana product, because the active chemical compound n marijuana, THC, breaks down at 392 degrees Fahrenheit, while the lobsters will be heated to 420 degrees. "That one time has had significant long-term effects".

The lobster is still one of the only animals chefs kill in their kitchens - which raises something of an ethical dilemma, David Foster Wallace pointed out in his 2004 essay Consider the Lobster.

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Gill plans to eventually use a larger tank that will hold multiple lobsters while an air mattress pump infuses the water with marijuana smoke. "It is far more humane to make it a kinder passage".

The suffering of lobsters boiled alive has been a point of contention for animal rights activists for years, with officials in Switzerland banning the practice earlier this year, and a significant number of seafood restaurants around the globe opting to stun the creatures or kill them swiftly before they are cooked. "You can only do studies and if they're consistent with the idea of pain, you begin to think perhaps we should give them the benefit of the doubt", Elwood said.

Gill, also a licensed medical marijuana caregiver in the state of ME, claims Roscoe was much calmer and less aggressive for the subsequent three weeks, and didn't try to attack the other lobsters in his tank even though his claws were unbound. "If we're going to take a life we have a responsibility to do it as humanly as possible".

"Some invertebrates have cannabinoid receptors; some do not", she told the Verge.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), however, disagreed with Gill's belief that medicating lobsters makes eating them more humane.

"The difference it makes within the meat itself is unbelievable", she said.

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