Hurricane Florence: Storm force winds for North Carolina within hours

Hurricane Florence: Storm force winds for North Carolina within hours

What's more he said, there are the animals themselves: possibly thousands of dead pigs and chickens that could wind up washed into the river, bringing with them further contamination.

Marshall: Well, if it does follow the path of come more toward Charlotte, when can we expect to see the greatest effect here in the Charlotte region?

As the trough moves east, it will disrupt the winds that steer the hurricane, Stewart said.

The storm has slowed considerably and was moving at 5 miles per hour toward the Port City. Those pipelines carry fuel from the Gulf Coast to much of the eastern United States. "Surge-related flooding can vary greatly over short distances", the advisory said. Adding to the storm stress is uncertainty about where exactly Florence will make landfall, after a shift in its track put more of the Southeast in danger.

This rainfall could cause risky flash flooding.

Hurricane Florence isn't spending this hurricane season alone.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, he said: "Disaster is at the doorstep and it's coming in".

Up to 10 million people lie in the path of the storm, which still poses a risk to life and property, although it has been downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane. In a 2 p.m. advisory, forecasters said sustained winds remained at 60 miles per hour, down from 75 miles per hour Monday. "A turn toward the west-northwest and west at an even slower forward speed is expected by tonight and continuing into Friday, and a slow west-southwestward motion is forecast Friday night and Saturday", the bulletin said.

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About 1.7 million people in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia are under voluntary or mandatory evacuation orders and millions of others live in areas likely to be affected by what has been described as the most severe storm to hit the region in decades. It could stall just off the coast and then drift south along the SC coast and possibly make a landfall as a weaker system if it doesn't make it clearly over the coast of North Carolina.

But the biggest danger could be life-threatening storm surges. That makes sense since the category of a storm is generally determined by its maximum sustained winds; but, researchers have found, the vast majority of deaths (nearly 90%) from hurricanes, tropical storms, or tropical depressions between 1963 and 2012 were attributable to "storm surge, rainfall flooding, high surf, and deaths just offshore".

"This storm will bring destruction to North Carolina", Gov. Roy Cooper said Thursday morning.

Hurricane-force winds now extend up to 80 miles from the eye of the storm, and tropical-storm-force winds now extend up to 195 miles from the center of the storm.

"Little change in strength is expected before the center reaches the coast, with weakening expected after the center moves inland", the briefing said. "We're about to be in the thick of it".

FRIDAY: Widespread showers and thunderstorms.

The National Hurricane Center Tuesday afternoon increased its rainfall forecast to 15 to 25 inches of rain and 35 inches in isolated spots.

Duke Energy, the nation's No. 2 power company, said Florence could knock out electricity to three-quarters of its 4 million customers in the Carolinas, and outages could last for weeks.

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