Lexus ES Gets Rearview Cameras To Replace Mirrors, They Look Amazing

Lexus ES Gets Rearview Cameras To Replace Mirrors, They Look Amazing

Lexus will start offering Digital Outer Mirrors, and the first vehicle to get it will be the new ES saloon.

The Digital Outer Mirrors offer an expanded view of the car's surrounding by augmenting the display area during turns or when backing up.

Other benefits include a reduction of wind noise and better forward visibility due to the elimination of large side mirrors. The view of areas around the auto can be manually enhanced by the driver to obtain complete peripheral awareness of the area around the vehicle.

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The next Lexus ES will no longer have conventional side mirrors, and in their place will instead employ cameras that project the rear-facing image onto small screens located on the inside A-pillars.

The "Digital Outer Mirror" system, which Lexus claims is a world first on a production vehicle, shows feeds from two exterior cameras on a pair of 5.0-inch screens mounted at the base of the front pillars. The camera pods are also shaped to resist the accumulation of raindrops, according to Lexus.

Lexus is set to become the first automaker to replace the rectangles of reflective glass with video cameras on a high volume model when the new Japanese market 2019 ES goes on sale. Whenever the driver uses the car's indicators or engages reverse "the system automatically enhances the corresponding area".

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