Authorities: Dead Oregon hiker likely killed by cougar

Authorities: Dead Oregon hiker likely killed by cougar

If verified by a DNA test, this attack would mark the first time a wild cougar (also known as a mountain lion) has killed someone in Oregon.

A missing OR woman who was found dead off a hiking trail near Mount Hood on Monday was likely killed by a cougar, authorities revealed on Tuesday. Officers from the Gresham Police Department found her vehicle near a ranger station on 8 September and launched a search mission in the area.

Bober, of Gresham, was an avid hiker who often trekked in the Mount Hood and Columbia River Gorge areas. She was reported missing Friday, and it's still unclear when she started her hike, said Sgt. Brian Jensen of the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

The body of 55-year-old Diana Bober, who had been missing since 29 August, was found near Mount Hood on Monday.

Authorities warned a local school district of the attack and advised other hikers to stay out of the area.

Brian Wolfer, Oregon Department Fish and Wildlife watershed manager, said the DNA samples can help identify the genus of the responsible animal, albeit he thinks that there is a slim chance that something else is responsible for the attack.

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"Because this is an unprecedented event in OR, we don't believe that the threat to the public that's posed by cougars is any greater today than it was yesterday", Wolfer said. "However, we don't know and can't quantify the threat that this particular animal may pose to the public".

If DNA confirms the autopsy's conclusion that Bober was killed by a cougar, it would be the first known fatal attack on a human by a wild cougar in OR history. The number of complaints throughout the state averaged more than 400 annually for the last several years.

Cougars can be killed by landowners or law-enforcement officials when they pose a threat to human safety or cause damage to livestock or agricultural crops. They will also attempt to kill the animal.

The last time a cougar killed a person in OR was in 2013 when an animal keeper at a Sherwood-area large cat sanctuary was mauled while while cleaning an enclosure.

In May, S.J. Brooks, 32, of Seattle, was killed by a cougar while mountain biking on a trail northeast of North Bend.

The last fatal cougar incident in the state occurred at a large animal reserve, when a keeper was mauled to death while cleaning the animal's compound, the Oregonian reported.

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