Airport security trays are even nastier than toilets

Airport security trays are even nastier than toilets

Even if you avoid airport germs, previous studies have shown airplanes are equally as dirty.

This is according to a new paper in BMC Infectious Diseases, which found 10 respiratory viruses - including the common cold and flu - lurking on various surfaces at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport in Finland.

Those plastic airport security trays-so convenient, so filled with germs and bacteria. They found that the bathroom is not the dirtiest place in the airport. Viruses appeared in almost half of the plastic trays, the highest fraction of all the surfaces tested. Other germ-infested areas include stair handrails, the passport control point and children's playground.

There was evidence of rhinovirus - the cause of the common cold - plus some signs of influenza.

"No respiratory viruses were detected in a considerable number of samples from the surfaces of toilets most commonly touched, which is not unexpected, as passengers may pay particular attention to limiting touch and to hand hygiene, in a washroom environment", the scientists said.

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According to the paper, the boxes are extra germy because they're touched by nearly everyone at the airport - and unlike the toilets, they're rarely cleaned. Because of the high amount of traffic of humans coming in and out of different countries, it is especially easy to spread diseases.

His team partner, virology expert Niina Ikonen from the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare, added: "The results also provide new ideas for technical improvements in airport design and refurbishment".

"This study supports the case for improved public awareness of how viral infections spread", Jonathan Van Tram, professor of health protection at the University of Nottingham School of Medicine, said in a statement. The study attempted to map the location of germs in the average airport, and the biggest virus hotspot isn't what you're thinking.

Atlanta - On the heels of a new study that found that plastic bins for items going through security, not toilets, are the biggest culprit for spreading germs in airports, PETA is set to place ads inside the bins at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport-the busiest airport in the US -that warn, "Meat Kills-Go Vegan", and list some of the numerous health risks associated with consuming animal flesh.

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