Kavanaugh Dodges Question on Pre-Existing Condition Provision

Kavanaugh Dodges Question on Pre-Existing Condition Provision

"We are not working with the Democrats, we are working with ourselves!" one shouted as police removed her.

One TV viewer gave Kavanaugh a rave review.

On abortion, Kavanaugh said the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that ensures access to abortion has been affirmed "many times".

Kavanaugh evaded pointed answers to all of these probes. The California senator went on to explore the nominee's attitudes toward the cases that established the constitutional basis for Roe v. Wade - and again Kavanaugh retreated behind a narrow conception of Supreme Court precedents. Senate Republicans understand that Kavanaugh's already weak nomination is going to be weakened, not strengthened, by whatever is contained in all those documents from his time during the Bush administration.

"I can't give you an answer on that hypothetical question", he said.

Senate rules state that committees can not hold hearings for more than two hours while the Senate is in session unless there is unanimous consent to proceed.

Kavanaugh declined to say whether a president should be able to use his power to direct agencies to carry out directives for political purposes, an issue that arose earlier this week after Trump suggested the Department of Justice lay off prosecuting a pair of House Republicans ahead of the November midterm elections. And, in what could be construed as an implicit reference to the President, he insisted no one was above the law and that his ultimate loyalty was to the Constitution.

Hawaii's Mazie Hirono interrupted Kavanaugh's planned atmosphere of a genial con law class with an intensely personal inquiry about his relationship with his disgraced former boss and mentor Judge Alex Kozinski, who resigned under the dark cloud of multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault. And he's right. We'll hear more empty words from Kavanaugh in the coming days and then, when he's confirmed, he'll do the bidding of the Federalist Society and his other right-wing benefactors. Aside from declining to weigh in on a possible presidential pardon and subpoena, he did not say he would recuse himself from cases involving the President, noting that doing so would potentially impede his judicial independence.

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Trump, in a June Twitter post, claimed "the absolute right to PARDON myself".

Legal experts said most of these non-responses were standard.

Most of us know that in 1973, the Supreme Court held in Roe v. Wade that states can not ban abortion before a certain point in pregnancy because doing so would violate a woman's constitutional right to liberty and privacy.

Collins did, however, say he found it odd that Kavanaugh declined to recuse himself. "I don't decide cases based on personal or policy preferences". All three questioned Kavanaugh by alluding to emails and other material about the nominee's record that had not been made available to the public.

Kavanaugh sat, fingers intertwined, quietly staring ahead at the committee members as audience members screamed while being dragged out of the hearing room.

McConnell chose to adjourn the Senate for the day to get around Schumer's objection. The committee continued its questioning. "That seems to fit "common use" and not being a risky and unusual weapon".

Chief among them was his views on abortion amid concerns that Kavanaugh's confirmation will all but ensure an end to legal abortion across the U.S., long a goal of ultra-conservatives.

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