Footage Reveals What Happened Between Roxanne Pallett And Ryan Thomas In CBB

Footage Reveals What Happened Between Roxanne Pallett And Ryan Thomas In CBB

He said ex-Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett, 35, "clearly has issues and needs help" after she claimed former Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas, 34, punched her during a play fight. "I'm absolutely furious", the blonde shared'.

Big Brother then called Thomas into the Diary Room and said that "At 3.55pm today Big Brother noticed that, whilst nearly play-fighting, you punched Roxanne in the ribs".

Later, Roxanne gave her account of the incident to Ben Jardine.

She explained back in 2008: "I have been living this storyline since Christmas and you're researching it and it brings it all back to you and it's devastating".

In tonight's show, Roxanne continued to complain about Ryan's "assault".

In tears in the diary room, Pallett said she was in shock, adding: "I went from being upset to being angry, because a boy has punched me repeatedly unprovoked, he actually punched me like a boxer would punch a bag".

"Let's just put it to bed", Ryan suggested and Roxanne agreed and replied: "I don't want this to be our ending".

"And I didn't say anything but I was in so much pain, it was intentional to hurt".

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Thomas was then called to the diary room and told that he had "broken" the "unacceptable behaviour" rule because while "almost play fighting you punched Roxanne in the ribs".

Ben said: "I don't care any more, I thought today, I thought f*** it".

Ryan then moved towards Roxanne and tried to comfort her but she pulled away and left the kitchen.

He wrote: "Roxanne's a known, compulsive liar".

"She would be very upset to find out she may have caused offence to others who have been through the same".

'We can't make any more comment at present until such time as Roxanne is out of the Big Brother house and is able to address this situation herself'. Nothing's really changed with Roxy really, but that musical theatre from start to finish, I don't know how she keeps it up, I don't know'.

Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas appear to have made up on Celebrity Big Brother 2018. I don't think she is mentally fit to be in the house (sic)'. Women like that are so risky! "It wasn't banter, it wasn't a joke".

Domestic abuse victim and former Miss Great Britain, Danielle Lloyd, accused Pallett of "making a mockery of women who have actually been terrified in violent relationships". Be a drama queen all you want but don't try and ruin someone in the process!

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