Space station reports 'leak', crew not in danger

Space station reports 'leak', crew not in danger

Six people are now orbiting Earth aboard the ISS - Nasa astronauts Drew Feustel, Ricky Arnold and Serena Auñón-Chancellor, as well as Gerst, who is German, and two Russian cosmonauts - Oleg Artemyev and Sergei Prokopyev.

The hole was found in the Russian-made Soyuz capsule which is one of two now docked to the space station.

According to Russian space agency staff members "the incident may have been caused by an impacting micrometeoroid - a tiny piece of rock or other material", says.

A minute breach about 2mm in size, smaller than the fingernail on a little finger, was detected in in the upper section of a Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft.

They waited until morning, however, to alert the sleeping crew, who were in no immediate danger.

A Soyuz capsule that was docked at the space station was probably hit by a micrometeorite, and it had a 2 millimeters hole which caused a small pressure drop in the cabin.

Because the pressure loss was "very small", flight controllers determined that the astronauts and cosmonauts "are in no danger", officials with the European Space Agency (ESA) said in a separate statement.

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The 250-mile-high outpost is home to three Americans, two Russians and one German.

"Yesterday showed again how valuable our emergency training is", Gerst tweeted on August 30, mentioning that the ISS air leak was fixed "thanks to great cooperation between the crew and control centers on several continents".

Sounds like all in a day's work for the ISS crew.

Astronauts applied Kapton tape to the leak site, effectively slowing the air leak.

The astronauts are now working with engineers on the ground to assess whether a more robust fix is needed.

Soyuz spacecraft have been crewmembers' only ride to and from the ISS since NASA grounded its space shuttle fleet in 2011.

Check back for updates in this developing story.

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