Law firm claims child contracted infection while in ICE custody

Law firm claims child contracted infection while in ICE custody

Shortly after they arrived at the South Texas Family Residential Center in March, Mariee contracted a respiratory infection that her lawyers at the firm of Arnold & Porter allege "went woefully under-treated for almost a month".

20-year-old Yasmin Juarez and her 18-month-old daughter Maria was detained at Dilley (TX) and sent to one of two family centres for the detention in the state.

Its statement didn't specifically address Mariee, but listed the medical staffing provided to people in its custody and how the agency spends more than $250 million annually on their health care.

Mariee also began coughing and experiencing congestion, according to the claim, and on March 11, a physician assistant in the detention facility "diagnosed Mariee with an acute upper respiratory infection and prescribed Tylenol for comfort" and "honey packs for cough".

Vice News reports that Juarez "watched Mariee's skin turn from purple to black", and the baby's doctors asked if they could take the child off the ventilator. But according to the claim, the nurse was not medically qualified to do so.

Lawyers for Juarez are preparing multiple lawsuits. The child's condition was dire by March 26, when she was hospitalized with influenza and pneumonia.

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Later that day, Mariee was admitted to the emergency room, but it was too late: she was diagnosed with viral bronchiolitis and tested positive for adenovirus and parainfluenza 3, according to the claim.

May 10, the baby was bleeding, which led to irreversible brain damage and organs.

At the facility, Mariee became increasingly ill, according to a timeline of events released by the lawyers.

The child died six weeks later, partly of a collapsed lung, when they were in New Jersey awaiting asylum proceedings. Initial reports that the child died at Dilley were erroneous. That investigation remains open and there is no estimated date for its completion, said Patrick Crimmins, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

When the story of the child's death was first reported, ICE told The Washington Post that it could not investigate a case without the name of the child or other specific information.

But Vice News says five pediatricians who reviewed details of Mariee's care say that after contracting the illness, she received treatment that was consistent with what they would have done.

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