Tourist injured after falling into artist's 8-foot hole at Portugal museum

Tourist injured after falling into artist's 8-foot hole at Portugal museum

Now on exhibit at the Serralves Museum in Porto, Descent Into Limbo by Anish Kapoor includes an actual 2.5m hole that's painted black - so it appears to have no depth at all. The exhibit featuring the black hole is set to reopen in a couple of days, with new safety measures to ensure that this type of accident doesn't happen again.

Kapoor presents his work.

If there were any doubt at all that Anish Kapoor's work Descent into Limbo is a big hole with a 2.5-metre drop, and not a black circle painted on the floor, then it has been settled. According to the Times of London, the 60-year-old unnamed man fell into the 8-foot hole despite caution signs and security set up around the installation and was taken to the hospital.

Though it may look like something from a Looney Tunes sketch, upon first sight the exhibit - called Descent into Limbo (1992) - appears to be a dark hole, meant to look like an abyss, fixed in the centre of the floor inside a large concrete cube room, with a single door to enter and exit. This is all created to give the appearance of an endless chasm in space - looking down into it is said to be a dizzying experience.

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The rep said there were warning signs up as part of the installation, plus a staffer on duty.

The exhibit is the first individual exhibition of Kapoor's work in the museum and will run until January 6, 2019. How the museumgoer, whom Portugal's Publico reports was an Italian man in his 60s, was able to step into the hole isn't known, but he was briefly hospitalized for the eight-foot fall.

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