Starbucks will supply vegans with protein in new coffee smoothies

Starbucks will supply vegans with protein in new coffee smoothies

Starbucks Cold Brew continues to be a favorite since joining the cold coffee menu in 2015 and Starbucks continues to innovate on this platform with additions like Nitro DRAFT Cold Brew, Cold Foam Cold Brew and Protein Blended Cold Brew.

The cold brews come flavored with almond or cacao, and they're both made with rice and pea protein, as a well as a "Banana Date Fruit Blend", and ice.

The new nondairy beverages will be available while supplies last, according to a Starbucks press release. The coffee chain announced that it is introducing its new Protein Blended Cold Brew in the almond and cacao flavor on Tuesday.

Starbucks baristas craft the beverage by blending Starbucks Cold Brew with Almondmilk, plant-based protein, almond butter, Banana Date Fruit Blend and ice. Their newest announcement has not only cold brew lovers rejoicing, but vegans as well. It has 270 calories and 10 grams of plant-based protein. A grande size of this drink is 270 calories or less. In the end, it tasted like a watered down cold brew with a hint of bitter cacao.

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Starbucks Almond Protein Blended Cold Brew. The Almond blended drink will also add almond butter and almond milk, and the Cacao blend will include coconut milk and cacao powder. Again these are all mixed with ice and blended for a ideal summer drink to sip on. Maybe you don't want the banana date fruit blend and would rather a whole banana be used?

Extra shots of Espresso Roast to up the amount of caffeine to get you on the go. With this new cold drink using a more "natural" alternative, consumers can feel less guilty about consuming this cold beverage.

There are plenty of ways you can customize this drink, too. Of course, there are plenty of cold brew and regular coffee options as well.

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