The Perseid Meteor Shower Puts on a Show This Weekend

The Perseid Meteor Shower Puts on a Show This Weekend

"A live broadcast of the meteor shower from a camera in Huntsville, Alabama, will be available on the NASA Meteor Watch Facebook starting around 8pm ET and continuing until the early hours of August 13".

Every year, our planet passes through a cloud of dust left behind a huge comet, and this year we're passing through from Monday 6 August to Sunday 19 August, but the night of the best and brightest of the meteor shower hitting our atmosphere will be Sunday 12 August!

This Perseid meteor shower is the result of Earth travelling through the gritty debris of Commet Swift-Tuttle that passed by Earth in 1992. This year is going to be especially striking because of the new moon, painting the ideal backdrop for the late-summer nature show.

The comet itself will come extremely close to Earth in a "near-miss" in 2126. NASA recommends heading out to see the show during predawn hours, but meteor streaks may appear as early as 10 pm; see an updated list of activity here.

Patience is key. It can take up to 45 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the dark for optimal viewing.

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The best way to view the meteor shower is by sitting in a reclining lawn chair or lying on your back and looking up at the sky with a wide view.

For 2018 however, Sark is considered as the best place to see the shower with it's lack of light pollution.

"You'll get a decent show as long as you're north of the equator", he said. You can look anywhere you want to-even directly overhead.

And it's expected to be the last time that this specific meteor will be seen until 2026.

The most popular shower of the year is here, and we don't mean the familiar drizzle. The days after the peak will also provide nice, dark skies as well!

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