Trump Tower meeting takes new twist as President changes story (again)

Trump Tower meeting takes new twist as President changes story (again)

The Latest on President Donald Trump and his comments about a meeting campaign officials and Russians at Trump Tower.

Michael Cohen, Trump's longtime attorney and former fixer, is said to be prepared to testify that the President knew about the Trump Tower meeting ahead of time sources with knowledge of the matter told CNN.

Trump launched today's battle by tweeting, "The Fake News hates me saying that they are the Enemy of the People only because they know it's TRUE". He then acknowledged that the infamous June 2016 meeting between Trump Jr. It was later revealed that Trump Jr. and others in the Trump campaign met with a Russian lawyer on the promise of receiving information damaging to Hillary Clinton.

Amid public uproar over the meeting, the president's son was forced to releasefollow-up statements, ultimately acknowledging that the meeting's true goal had been to get dirt about Hillary Clinton from a lawyer he had been told was working for the Russian government. Since then, a series of details have gradually emerged, Trump Jr. acknowledging the offer and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders admitting during a briefing last month that the president "weighed in" on the meeting.

Sunday's tweet was Trump's clearest statement yet on the objective of the meeting, which has become a focal point of Mueller's investigation even as the president and his lawyers try to downplay its significance and pummel the Mueller probe with attacks.

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" Sunday that he has no knowledge of the president's son being a target of Mueller's probe.

It was later reported that was false and the president was involved in constructing his son's misleading statement.

President Donald Trump began his Sunday morning with media-bashing tweets so virulent - the "enemy of the people" are "very risky & sick!" and "can also cause War!" - that journalists and the Sunday morning Beltway programs immediately struck back.

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Federal law, Section 30121 of Title 52, states that it is a crime for a foreign national to contribute money or other items of value to an American election, as well as making it illegal for an American to solicit such a contribution.

Trump, of course, claims to not knowing about the meeting, in spite of his involvement in the statement mentioned above.

The meeting is of interest to special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

And Sekulow said "the inclination is not at this point" to have a sit down.

Sekulow said the important thing was that Trump's legal team shared accurate information with the special counsel. "They are very risky & sick!"

On Sunday morning, Trump responded to reports in the Washington Post and on CNN that he was concerned Donald Jr. could be in legal trouble.

"When you look at a meeting that took place a year before - now two years ago - the question is, what law, statute, rule or regulation's been violated, and nobody's pointed to one", Sekulow added. He campaigned for a Republican candidate facing a tough race Tuesday for a seat in the House of Representatives, the last special election before the nationwide November 6 voting, when the entire 435-member House is being contested and a third of the 100-member Senate.

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